Play songs you love on the piano, instantly!

Instant Musician enables you to play songs on the piano easily using augmented reality technology, already available on your iPhone 6s and above (or SE).


How it works

Have a seat at any piano or keyboard. Open Instant Musician. Watch through your phone's screen and play along.

To set up the AR interface that guides you to play, you’ll need a one dollar bill. Use a crisp, flattened buck for best results.

See the Tutorial Video.


Music Everywhere Piano Learning System For Microsoft HoloLens!

Unity / Microsoft HoloLens Contest GRAND PRIZE

Out of 1000+ worldwide submissions, Music Everywhere's AR piano application won the grand prize in the Unity / Microsoft HoloLens Developer Competition.

Presented at SIGGRAPH 2017, NIME 2017, and GDC 2017